Dinner Menu


Street Corn

3 mini corn cobs topped with garlic aioli, crumbled queso fresco and chile lime salt

Queso Horneado

Melted Menonita cheese, served with Mexican chorizo and fresh flour tortillas. Substitute Fajita or chicken


Golden-fried calamari topped with chorizo, pickled onions, shaved jalapeños, grilled lime and chipotle aioli


Crispy green plantain topped with beef picadillo, crema, pickled onions, cilantro and queso fresco

Spicy Chicharron

Gold-fried pork crackling dusted with tajin chili powder

Pork Belly in Salsa Verde

Crispy pork belly over a bed of black refried beans topped with salsa verde and queso fresco

Maduros Envueltos

Golden ripe plantain bites wraped in bacon topped with queso fresco crumbles and crema

Chicken Empanadas

Stuffed with Tinga-syle shredded chicken, topped with red cabbage and avocado tomatillo sauce

Beef Empanadas

Stuffed with beef picadillo, topped with cabbage, cilantro and chipotle aioli

Brussel Sprouts Honey Piquín

Crispy brussel sprouts, tossed with honey piquin sauce and sesame seeds

Ceviche Costeño

White fish, marinated in coconut serrano lime, mixed with shaved red onions, cilantro and served with a side of plantain chips

Seafood Campechana

White fish. Octopus. Fried calamari. Scallops. Shrimp. Ambriza cocktail sauce

Tropical Ceviche

White fish, marinated in lime juice and olive oil, mixed with mango, roasted jalapeños and shaved red onions


Sizzling molcajete. Spanish rice. Charo black beans. Grilled onions. Grilled chiles.
Grilled cactus. Sour cream. Guacamole.


Grilled Chicken
Herb Marinated Grilled Beef
Butterflied Lime Shrimp
Spice-Rubbed Babyback Ribs
Ambriza Fajita Mix: Ribs. Chicken. Beef. Shrimp.

Ambriza Burger

Choice of all-beef or ground chuck and chorizo patty. Large fresh tomato slice.
Guacamole. Ancho chile aioli. Oaxaca cheese. Sesame seed sourdough bun.
French fries with chile lime salt.


Add bacon. Add fried egg.


Two enchiladas. served with Spanish rice and charro black beans

Enchiladas Verdes

Seasoned shredded chicken, smothered in tomatillo sauce, topped with queso fresco, red onions and crema

Swiss Enchiladas

Seasoned shredded chicken, smothered in a cream cheese tomatillo sauce, melted Swiss cheese, topped with red onions and crema

Enchiladas Rojas

Carne asada smothered with tomato casabel chile sauce, topped with crema, queso fresco and crispy potatoes

Seafood Enchiladas

A blend of scallops, white fish, shrimp, cooked with cilantro, red onions and tomatoes, smothered in Poblano cream and topped with Menonita cheese and roasted corn

Enchiladas de Pato al Mole

Duck confit smothered in a Poblano mole sauce, topped with queso fresco, crema and shaved radishes

Tacos and Quesadillas

Three tacos or one quesadilla per plate. Served with Spanish rice and charro black beans

Pato al Mole

Duck confi, covered with mole Poblano, topped with shaved radish, orange segments, green onions on corn tortilla

Carne Asada

Grilled sirloin, topped with ancho chile pesto, grilled onions and sliced avocado on flour tortilla

Pollo en Salsa Verde

Braised shredded chicken in tomatillo sauce and cilantro on corn tortilla


Slow-braised beef barbacoa, served with diced onions, cilantro, avocado, drizzled with tomatillo salsa on flour tortilla

Vegetables Ambriza

Julienned peppers, roasted corn, mushrooms, huitlacoche, nopal and sliced avocado sauce on corn tortilla

Cochinita Pibil

Pibil style braised pork, served with pickled red onions, topped with cilantro on corn tortilla


Seared tilapia, topped with jicama, red cabbage and cilantro. Drizzled with a raspberry chiptole aioli on flour tortilla

Guacamole Cart

Let our Katrina prepare your guacamole to your liking. Choose from the following ingredients:

Red Onions
Serrano Chiles
Lime Juice
Roasted Pineapple
Charred Chiles

Charred Corn
Balsamic Cotija Cheese
Crumbled Bacon


Pato al Mole

Two crispy confit duck leg quarters over a base of mole Poblano sauce, served with rice, black refried beans and maduros

Tampiqueña Steak

Grilled ribeye served with mole enchilada, black refito beans and fried ripe plantain, topped with queso fresco and guacamole

Pescado a la Veracruzana

Crispy whole red snapper, served over rice, topped with Veracruzana sauce and side of tostones

Pescado Tropical

Filet of Tilapia served with quinoa salad and topped with roasted pineapple sauce

Risotto Mexicano

Marinated grilled octopus, scallops and shrimp, served over creamy risotto, topped with sriracha sauce, chile powder and cotija cheese

Chipotle Chicken

Grilled chipotle-marinated chicken breast, topped with chipotle cream sauce, served ove ra bed of cactus salad and side of yuca fries

Lamb Shank

Barbacoa-style lam shank served with grilled cactus, topped with Menonita cheese, cilantro, onions and black refried beans with corn tortillas

Arroz Chino Mexicano
Yuca Fries
Chiles Toreados

Vegetables Ambriza
Rajas Poblanas
Chicharron en Salsa Verde
Tinga-Style Chicken

Soups and Salads

Poblano Corn Chowder

Roasted poblanos cream, topped with sweet corn, diced potatoes, crispy bacon and green onion
Cup or Bowl

Caldo Tlalpeño

Chicken broth, served with shredded chicken, potatoees, queso fresco, carrots, cilantro, avocado, crema, chipotle and red cabbage
Cup or Bowl

Ambriza Caesar

Romaine lettuce, served with cotija cheese, roasted jalapeños, tortilla croutons and crispy anchovies. Tossed in ancho caesar dressing

Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

Boston lettuce, served with quinoa, black beans, avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh raspberries and queso fresco. Drizzled with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Fresh Tomato Salad

Sliced fresh tomatoes, sliced cucumber and fried queso panela cubes. Tossed in a charred serrano lime vinaigrette

Add Chicken. Add Sirloin. Add Shrimp




Cajeta Crepes

Filled with zesty mascarpone and topped with cajeta caramel sauce, sprinkled with walnut crumbles

Cheese Flan

Mascarpone and vanilla custard, mixed with berry coulis and whipped cream

Churros Bites

Cajeta-filled cinnamon sugar-dusted churro bites with La Abuelita chocolate sauce.


Mexican vanilla ice cream, La Abuelita chocolate sauce, churro streusel, whipped cream, shaved chocolate, cajeta sauce, fried ripe plantain. Add carajillo sauce (Liquor 43 sauce w/espresso)

Cuatro Leches

Shaved chocolate and coconut